MyoAdapt helps you gain muscle and strength by taking the guesswork out of your training.


Created by sport scientists who are actively conducting research in all things lifting. Using all the latest research in exercise science, MyoAdapt creates highly effective workouts designed to take you to the next level. MyoAdapt will adjust your training using bio-feedback to ensure your training is as effective as can be. Unlike a simple training program, MyoAdapt is continuously being upgraded as new evidence emerges.

Created by coaches

The team behind MyoAdapt speaks for itself. Having worked with hundreds of clients ranging from your average Joe/Jane to competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters, MyoAdapt’s team knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t. In addition to years of coaching and training, the team also has experience competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Built for you

MyoAdapt makes sure your training fits you by accounting for every facet of your life. From how well you sleep to your weekly schedule, MyoAdapt puts together effective workouts that are designed to lead you to your goals. And if you go on holidays, don’t worry - MyoAdapt has you covered.

Technology driven

MyoAdapt constantly adapts to your feedback and training performance to ensure workouts are effective and appropriate to your goals. Forget about waiting days for your coach to get back to your email - with the app right between your hands, on-the-fly adjustments are automatic.

Be the first…

Be the first to experience professional coaching in the palm of your hand.

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